Order Status

The Order Status page contains orders you have placed. You can sort the orders by six criteria: PENDING, SUBMITTED, APPROVED, CANCELLED, FULFILLED, or ALL. The list of shopping cart orders displays the Order Number, Order Date and Status of each corresponding order. To view an order status, you need to have the Order ID.

Viewing Order Details

  1. Navigate Personal>Order Status.

  2. Type the Order Number and click Go or use the Browse Orders section to find it.

  3. The Order Status Details page contains the Item, Unit Price, Quantity, Total Price, and Status for each related item.

  4. Click the Item link to view item details.

Field Descriptions


An element of learning that is managed in the LMS of your organization. Plateau has two types of items: Online item and Instructor-led item.

Item Key

The unique ID of the corresponding item.

Item Revision

Date the item was last revised.

Order Ticket Number

The order ticket identification number.


Stock Keeping Unit is the inventory mapping mechanism used in catalogs.


The item description.

Unit Price

The price of the selected item.


The number of items that have been ordered.

Total Price

The unit price multiplied by the quantity.


The order status is one of the following: PENDING, SUBMITTED, APPROVED, CANCELLED, FULFILLED, or ALL (the ALL status displays all orders, regardless of status).