Performance Review: Accomplishments Page

The Accomplishments page contains a list of accomplishments by the employee under evaluation during the plan period. They are special things that the employee did, such as completing release 3.0 on time and under budget. To add a new accomplishment, click the New Accomplishment button. See Add Accomplishments to Performance Review.  If you are the employee who is being evaluated, add your own accomplishments or add comments about your accomplishments that have already been added.

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Accomplishment Name

A phrase that describes the accomplishment. There can also be a longer description of the accomplishment in the Description field. Click the Expand Expand Icon icon to view the accomplishment description.


The description of the accomplishment. It appears when you click the Expand icon.

Accomplishment Date

The date at which the accomplishment occurred.


Comments that you want to add to the accomplishment.

Suggestions button

Click the Suggestions button after you select a rating to see what is commonly typed in the Comments text area for the rating that you have applied.

Check Spelling button

Click the Check Spelling button to check the spelling of your comments. If the spelling checker does not recognize a word, it changes it to a red link. If you click the link, the spelling checker suggests alternative words.

Check Legal button

Click the Check Legal button to search your comments for illegal phrases. Illegal phrases are ones that your company does not want to appear in comments. For example, the word idiot might be illegal because it is offensive. If the checker finds illegal phrases, it changes the word to a blue link. If you click the link, you receive an explanation of why the word is illegal and the option to change it.

Resume Editing button

If you clicked the Check Spelling or Check Legal buttons, the buttons change to the Resume Editing button. Click the button to leave the spelling checker or legal checker and return to editing the comments.