Complete Assessment

When you complete an assessment - on other employees or on yourself - you rate them on their competencies. Competencies are abilities that the employee is trying to improve or that are a part of his or her current job skill set. The assessment survey is like a questionnaire that you fill out on the employee.

Take some time and think about the employee and his or her abilities in the competencies on the survey. You might be able to add comments, in which case you should feel free to elaborate on any of the ratings you provide. If you are filling out an assessment survey on yourself, try to give an honest assessment of the areas you are strong in and those you need to improve. Remember that employees and supervisors may see your ratings and the comments that you write in.

Here is how to complete an assessment survey:

  1. When selected to rate yourself or someone else, the Alert section in your Home page contains the following message link: You have assessments to complete.

  2. In the Assessment Process section, find the process name and click the corresponding Expand icon Expand icon to reveal a list of users that you have been asked to assess.

  3. For each user, click the corresponding Select checkbox and click Open. The survey launches. You may choose to complete an assessment on one or more than one user at a time.

  4. For each competency, click the radio button corresponding to the rating you wish to give the user. If you don't feel qualified to rate someone on a particular competency, you may leave it blank, or choose the N/A option if you feel that a particular competency doesn't apply or isn't relevant to the person you're assessing.

  5. Click the Comments button to and enter your comments about a competency. To help compose your comment, click the following buttons:

  1. Click Save and Close or Cancel to return to the Complete Assessment page.

  2. Click the Next Page button to go to the next page of a multi-page assessment survey.  

  3. Click Cancel to leave the survey without submitting your assessment.

  4. Click the Save Draft button to save your work and come back to it later.

  5. Click Submit when you are finished to submit the survey. The survey disappears from your page. The results are stored, and once all raters submit their surveys the results are tabulated and sent to the administrator and/or the userís supervisor for viewing in Plateau Learning.